British Columbia Paleontological Alliance

Giant Ammonite

Welcome to the British Columbia Paleontological Alliance website. If you are interested in the fossil history of BC you will find information about collecting fossils and our organization.

The British Columbia Paleontological Alliance (BCPA) is a union of professional and amateur paleontological organizations working to advance the science of paleontology in the province by fostering public awareness, scientific collecting and education, and by promoting communication among all those interested in fossils.

The BCPA produces a newsletter and distributes it to the members of its constituent societies, libraries, and museums across British Columbia. The BCPA also sponsors a Paleontological Symposium, held every two years. The symposium brings together amateur and professional paleontologists from across Canada, North America, and internationally, to exchange the latest ideas on British Columbia paleontology.

Member societies of the BCPA across the province hold monthly meetings open to the public, and spring and summer field trips which are restricted to society members. Guest speakers at the monthly meetings explore the latest thinking on aspects of paleontology.